YouTube Certified
YouTube Certified


YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can take advantage of YouTube for organic and paid traffic, including for retargeting.

fewStones is a YouTube Certified agency and we can help you get more exposure.


Here is a short case study: we created a YouTube channel called Kiddo Stories and with only a handful of videos we get regular organic traffic and close to 6 million views.


We can train you and your team to optimise videos for organic traffic in YouTube
as well as to create and run successful paid campaigns.

Our workshop can be customized to your needs and include:

  • how to manage a YouTube channel,
  • how to optimise your videos for organic traffic and SEO,
  • how to create and run retargeting campaigns with videos,
  • how to create and run video ads campaigns.

We can also manage your channel and run your campaigns for you.