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fewStones offers all-inclusive video packages. Whatever your budget and your objectives, we can provide a video package in line with your requirements

Activity Presentation Package

Ideal for a short company or product/service presentation. Features:

  • 30 seconds video presentation
  • background music
  • animation and editing
  • images and text provided by Client

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Motion Graphics Package

Ideal for an explainer or special offer video. Features:

  • one minute motion graphics video
  • professional voice over
  • graphics, animation and editing
  • script provided by Client

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On-site Footage Package

Ideal for a comprehensive presentation, corporate event or product launch. Features:

  • two-minute video
  • half a day on-site shooting and audio recording
  • background music
  • graphics, titles, editing and audio synchronisation

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Custom-made Package

Video completely tailored to your requirements:

  • footage and/or animation
  • animation: kinetic typography, cartoon, 3D and more
  • professional voice over and/or background music
  • and many more options to choose from

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